Vision, Mission & Strategic Priorities

Our Vision
All people are protected by a field epidemiology workforce capable of detecting and responding to health threats.

Our Mission
To empower and mobilize a competent field epidemiology workforce to serve all people through standardized training, experiential learning, training program quality improvement, mentoring, and knowledge exchanges in order to connect epidemiologists better, faster and with quality across the globe.

Mission Strategic Goals
During 2017-2020, TEPHINET will:

  1. Improve the understanding of TEPHINET's mission and role among stakeholders
  2. Strengthen the quality of FETPs and their graduates
  3. Support continuous learning within the global FETP community
  4. Increase peer-to-peer assistance
  5. Facilitate workforce mobilization in response to global disease threats
  6. Elevate TEPHINET's voice and profile as a thought leader

During this strategic period, TEPHINET will continue to provide general support to build organizational capacity and sustainability of FETPs at global, regional, and program levels.

Internal Strategic Goals
In order to accomplish these objectives, TEPHINET must:

  1. Improve internal operating procedures, processes, systems and structures
  2. Improve the advisory board's effectiveness and engagement
  3. Create a TEPHINET culture that is supportive of staff and their professional development
  4. Establish a global FETP alumni network
  5. Improve IT platforms across TEPHINET to support the network and TEPHINET mission
  6. Create a holistic and balanced fundraising model that increases fundraising effectiveness
  7. Improve earned revenue (i.e. fee for service) through service provision within mission

Click the image above (or this link) to download the full TEPHINET 2017-2020 Strategic Plan Summary as a PDF.


TEPHINET is a program of The Task Force for Global Health, Inc., recipient of the 2016 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.