General Conference Information

TEPHINET’s scientific conferences combine both scientific sessions and workshops related to managing public health systems and training programs. FETP trainees benefit from the experience of presenting their work to an international audience of experts. Public health officials make valuable contacts that they can work collaboratively with . Overall, these conferences are an opportunity to learn from the experience of others and to acquire new ideas and skills that can be put into action.

Individual TEPHINET conferences occur biennially. The global conference occurs one year and regional conferences take place during the alternate year. The EIS conference occurs annually and TEPHINET sponsors international night.

Year Region Name City Country
2012 Global TEPHINET 7th Global Conference Amman Jordan
2012 ESCAIDE ESCAIDE 2012 Edinburgh United Kingdom
2012 AMR Sesión Internacional de REDSUR durante el Encuentro Cientifico de EPISUS Brasilia Brazil
2012 Global Seventh TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference Amman Jordan
2011 ESCAIDE 2011 European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (ESCAIDE) Stockholm Sweden
2011 AMR EIS International Night 2011 Atlanta United States