Add Files, Images, and Links

You can attach files, images and links in this site.

Add Files

1)        Select the Edit tab in the location where you wish to attach a file. Or, follow the next steps while creating a new item (document, wiki, etc.).

2)       Find the "Add files" section of the form (see below). 


3)        Click Choose File to select the file you wish to attach.

4)       Double click on the item and click Upload.  Select from any available options such as listing the file or not. Unlisted files are not automatically shown, you must copy their URL and insert it into the text as a link (see instructions below).

5)       Save the item (document, wiki, etc.). 

Add Links

There are different types of links.  The most common ones are email links and file download links.  For email links, you only need to know the email address of the person you want linked.  The focus of this help section on adding links will be on linking files for downloading.  The methods are similar.  To begin, make sure you have completely attached your file to the Web page where you want your link.  See the section above for help.  Once you do this, copy the URL listed below your file.  For example, in the section above, the URL for the Introduction to Public Health Ethical Concepts.doc file is listed in grey below the name of the file.  It begins with "" and ends with "...%20Concepts.doc"

Copy the complete file URL.

Now click into the text of your page and select the part you want to be a link to this file. 

Next, click the link button.  It will look like this Link Button Appearance.

Paste the URL you copied into the URL space. 

Optionally, you can set other settings related to your link.  Feel free to explore these.

When you are done, click ok and save your Web page. 

As you might guess, you can use this same process to link to materials other than files, if you have their URL.  This way, you can link to other Web sites too.

Add Images

1)        Select the Edit tab in the location where you wish to show an image. Or, follow the next steps while creating a new item (document, wiki, etc.).

2)       Find the "Add images" section of the form. (see below)

add images screenshot

3)        Click Browse to select the image you wish to show (insert).

4)       Double click on the image and click Upload.  Once the file is uploaded click the place in your text (summary, abstract, document body, etc.) where you want the image to show.  Then, click the Insert button.  In general, the "Original image setting will be best.  It adds the image at its original size.

5)       You can right click (Command Click on a Mac) on the image or click the Image button image to adjust the image properties such as text wrap and alignment.


6)       Save the item (document, wiki, etc.).