A Food Poisoning Outbreak in the policemen at the Royal Thai Government House, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2011


Background: On 16 March 2011, a cluster of food poisoning among policemen in charged for the Crowd Control Subdivision (CCS), at Royal Thai Government House (RTGH) was notified to Bureau of Epidemiology. Outbreak investigation was initiated on the same day to verify diagnosis, describe magnitude, identify source and risk factors of infection, and recommend prevention and control measures. Methods: We conducted a retrospective cohort study among all policemen of CCS at RTGH. A suspected case was a policeman of CCS in the affected shift who had diarrhea with either abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or fever during 16-18 March 2011. Environmental survey of the cooking areas as well as rectal swab of cases and food handlers, and food cultures were assessed. Results: Of the 52.87% policemen available (92/174), 51 were suspected cases (attack rate=55.43%). Median age of cases was 28 years old (range=24-44). The epidemic curve showed common source outbreak pattern with median incubation period of 13.15 hours (range=