Anaité Díaz Artiga

Director, Epidemiology Department and Senior Researcher, Center for Health Studies, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Anaité is the director of the epidemiology department and senior researcher at the Center for Health Studies at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG). The epidemiology department is in charge of conducting the training for the advanced level of the Central America Regional Field Epidemiology Training Program. Anaite and the faculty of the department are committed to providing the best training. They work in close collaboration with the public health departments from where the trainees arrive to ensure that they apply their training to core activities such as surveillance and outbreak response, the core activities the FETP.

Anaité joined the FETP in 2009 as part of the CDC group in charge of launching the three-tier training in Belize and Panama, as well as developing the curricula for the basic and intermediate levels, as part of a multidisciplinary group from CDC, UNC, and UVG. She has been the mentor for several cohorts of advanced level trainees, especially in developing their planned investigations and accompanying them during several emergency responses. More recently, she has worked with the Department of Innovation and Academic Technologies to develop the curricula of the advanced level on a Learning Managing System. This endeavor was thought to provide a significant learning experience that maximized the time of the trainees, providing flexibility to complete the modules, and focusing the in-class time to share experiences and work on their activities. The platform also provides a repository for the trainees and a channel to share among peers.

As an epidemiologist, Anaité is passionate about environmental health and the risk factors that affect child and maternal health.