Bashir Noormal

Director General, Afghanistan National Public Health Institute (ANPHI), Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan

Bashir Noormal, MD, MPH, completed his medical education in 1985 at Odessa Medical Institute in Ukraine and his master’s in public health from Loma Linda University in California (United States) in 2010.

From 1985 to 1997, he was a lecturer and then an associate professor at Kabul Medical University, after which he joined the World Health Organization (WHO) Afghanistan Country Office as a training coordinator and then as the WHO HRD Program Manager until 2004.

Dr. Noormal founded the Human Resources General Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan and has been Director General of that department for more than three years. In August 2006, he was appointed as the Director General of the Afghanistan National Public Health Institute, revived after almost 20 years of dormancy, and is in this position currently.

His career at the Ministry of Public Health has been mainly focused on the establishment of comprehensive HRD systems, policies, strategies and development frameworks; development of guidelines on standards for health worker training; establishment of human resources database and planning tools; design and development of continuous medical education; health promotion, establishment and development of disease surveillance, research coordination and implementation, as well as conducting public health epidemiology, biostatistics and research methodology trainings; training of health professionals in management, leadership, good governance and medical ethics across the country. Dr. Noormal has written and translated more than 15 books on embryology, public health management, epidemiology, primary healthcare, health education, and environmental health. He has translated and edited more than 70 titles including WHO books, brochures, booklets and guidelines. He has written and published 24 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and he is the author of the Afghanistan chapter (chapter 13) in the WHO publication, “Family Practice in the Eastern Mediterranean Region,” published in November 2018.

Dr. Noormal has served as the chair of the IRB (Institutional Review Board) for the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health since 2012 and as the editor-in-chief of Ghazanfar Medical Journal (the Afghanistan National Public Health Institute’s peer-reviewed publication) since 2016. He is a member of IANPHI (International Association of National Public Health Institutes), the focal point for the CBRN (Chemical, Biological and Radio-nuclear) Risk Mitigation Initiative in Afghanistan, as well as chair of the EMPHNET Board of Directors and a member of the TEPHINET Advisory Board since 2016.