Cholera Outbreak in a Prison -- Kandal Province, Cambodia, December 2009


Background: In December 2009, we learned of a diarrhea outbreak in Kandal Prison. We conducted an investigation to establish the diagnosis, determine risk factors and institute control measures. Methods: We searched for inmates with acute watery diarrhea anytime from 19-23 December. Rectal swabs were taken for culture and sensitivity tests. We did a case-control study. Cases were inmates with acute watery diarrhea and positive for Vibrio cholerae. Controls were well inmates. Subjects were interviewed to obtain information on demographics, food and water consumption, and personal hygiene. Water samples were collected from the basin and drainage of Ward U18. Results: Thirty-six inmates had acute watery diarrhea. Twenty-one were positive for Vibrio cholerae 01 Ogawa. Initial cases on 19 December were from Ward U18. On the 23rd, inmates from a nearby ward started having diarrhea. There were 21 cases and 68 controls. Cases were more likely to get their water from the Ward U18 basin than controls (OR=11.34, 95% C.I