Community Awareness, Utilization and User Satisfaction for Mobile Hospital Van Services in Hilly and Plain blocks of district Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India 2011


Background: Mobile Hospital Vans (MHV) were launched in Uttarakhand to increase the accessibility of preventive, diagnostic and curative services considering the difficult hilly terrain since April 2009. This study aims to estimate the proportion of people aware of MHV services, satisfied users in hill and plain block of Dehradun district and to describe reasons for not utilizing MHV services Methods: We conducted cross-sectional household (HH) survey and exit interviews of MHV users from camp site using pretested structured questionnaire. We interviewed 591 people from 10 HH cluster and 10 Time Location Cluster using Probability proportion to size, (400 people in hill and plain blocks and 191 in Exit interviews.) We collected and analyzed data on awareness, utilization and satisfaction for MHV services. We calculated frequencies, proportions, did Univariate and multivariate logistic regression compared proportions, calculated OR and 95% CI. Results: Out of 400 people interviewed in HH survey 62% in Hill and