David Rodríguez Araujo

David Rodríguez-Araujo

Coordinator, Central American Field Epidemiology Network

David Rodríguez-Araujo is the Epidemiology Coordinator for the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America (SE-COMISCA). He has been responsible for providing technical assistance to the countries of the SICA region on the implementation of Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETP) since 2014 and has been the Principal Investigator of the Global Health Cooperative Agreement COMISCA / CDC since 2019. 

David previously worked for the Ministry of Health of El Salvador as a hospital epidemiologist (2003-2008), as a national epidemiologist for influenza and other respiratory viruses (2009-2011), and as the Head of the National Statistics Unit (2012-2014).

David is a Doctor of Medicine (University of El Salvador), studied Design of Public Health Programs and Health Services Management (University of El Salvador), and a Master’s in Public Health (Autonomous University of Nicaragua). David completed the three tiers of FETP: Basic and Intermediate with the El Salvador FETP and Advanced in the Regional Central America FETP, which is accredited as Master's Degree in Applied Epidemiology by University of Valley of Guatemala.