Developing and Implementing FETP Frontline in Georgia

Project Objectives

This project aims to strengthen and build epidemiological capacity in Georgia by developing in-country expertise at the local level so that disease outbreaks can be detected locally and prevented from spreading. The Frontline Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP Frontline) prepares workers on the ground to help countries build this capacity. The establishment of FETP Frontline in Georgia will strengthen public health surveillance and promote use of data for decision-making at all levels of the country's surveillance system.

This will be a three-month training program for the regional epidemiologists from the Public Health Centers that are outside of Georgian National Centers of Diseases Control structures and belong to the district/regional government and report to Central Epidemiological Services of Ministries of Health. The program will strengthen capacity of regional and district level epidemiologists in surveillance data collection, outbreak detection and first response to outbreaks. Training will be provided in the Georgian language.

Epidemiology training