Developing National Public Health Institutes

Project Objective

The purpose of this project is to support the development of national public health institutes (NPHIs) in up to nine total countries (over the course of the project) as well as the overall operations of the NPHI Program at CDC.

NPHIs are science-based organizations that lead national public health functions, including disease surveillance, detection and response and public health workforce development. NPHIs provide a career home for public health practitioners, including field epidemiologists, and also work to build field epidemiology capacity and develop a strong career track for FETP graduates. 

By supporting the development of NPHIs, this project will build awareness for the importance of field epidemiology for health security among global and national partners and contribute to public health workforce development.  Countries will be finalized in consultation with CDC and can include countries in all regions of the world. Selected countries will be engaged to develop and implement a one-year project work plan for NPHI development based on national public health priorities.

Disease surveillance, Disease and emergency response, Epidemiology training