Development of One Health Classroom and E-learning Case Studies

Project Objectives

The overall goal is to improve epidemiologic capacity to investigate and control zoonotic outbreaks as well as support continuous learning within the global FETP community through the creation of innovative training by developing and implementing a One Health-focused case study for use in the classroom and as a self-guided e-learning solution.

The end products will address the response to a zoonotic disease outbreak within the One Health context and should be flexible enough for use with FETP-Frontline, FETP-Intermediate, FETP-Advanced as well as FETP-V (veterinarian) and FELTP (lab).

The level of interactivity between the learner and e-learning solution will also include interactions that are complex, allowing the learner even more control of how information is presented using audio, video, graphics, animations, screen alternation, simulations and scenarios, or combinations, and progression through the course can be determined by the learner. As such, the TEPHINET Secretariat will work with global network members in the development, piloting and evaluation of this innovative and customized learning solution for the FETP community.

Zoonotic diseases, One Health, Epidemiology training