Discovered Program Evaluation of the New-Case Pulmonary Tuberculosis (+) in Sukoharjo District, Central of Java Province 2010


Background: In Central of Java Province, in 2008, the discovered of the new-case pulmonary tuberculosis (+) were 16,748 patients (47.98%). The low numbers of this invention mean that there were many cases of pulmonary Tuberculosis who have not been detected. In Sukoharjo District, CDR was 29.5%. This figure was as far below as the district target by 2010 (≥ 85%). The purpose of program evaluation to determine program implementation, especially the discovered of the new-case pulmonary Tuberculosis (+) (CDR) in Sukoharjo district in 2010. Methods: Evaluation used quantitative and qualitative study methods. The subject of evaluation were 12 community health centers (CHCs) and 2 hospitals. Measuring instruments used were questionnaires, observation checklists and interview guides. Results: Personnel qualified > 50% have the appropriate education, > 75% double duty, 50% had trained DOTS ≤ 5 years and 5 of CHCs have not fulfilled as the PPM. Facilities and infrastructures, > 50% still used a room for va