Dr. Kevin Cain Joins FETP Enterprise Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) as Interim Co-chair

TEPHINET is pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Cain, the Acting Director of the Center for Global Health (CGH) at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is the new interim co-chair of the FETP Enterprise Strategic Leadership Group (SLG). Dr. Cain will be replacing Dr. Rebecca Martin, the former Director of CGH, as co-chair.

Conceptualized in the Global Field Epidemiology Roadmap and launched in April 2021, the SLG provides high-level leadership and accountability for the implementation of the Roadmap. The SLG is co-chaired by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC.

"TEPHINET values the involvement of its major partner, the CDC, in the implementation of the Roadmap,” says Dr. Carl Reddy, Director of TEPHINET. “To this end, we are delighted that Dr. Kevin Cain, with his wealth of FETP experience and expertise has been named the CDC co-chair of the SLG.”

In a recent interview with Devex, Dr. Cain remarked that “a cornerstone of what CDC does is called the Field Epidemiology Training Program, where we develop epidemiology skills in people who are health professionals — that can be doctors, nurses, other public health practitioners — and give them the skills to really use data to drive programs forward."

The TEPHINET Secretariat serves as the secretariat to the SLG, coordinating the meetings and activities of the SLG and its associated working groups. Currently, these working groups are developing and executing action plans linked to the recommendations of the Global Field Epidemiology Roadmap.