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Elizabeth David dos Santos

FETP Consultant, Brazilian Ministry of Health

Elizabeth David dos Santos, RN, MPH, graduated with the first cohort of the FETP in the Ministry of Health of Brazil in 2002. Currently, she is a consultant for the FETP/Ministry of Health, a member of the TEPHINET Accreditation Working Group (AWG), and a technical consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO). Her role as a consultant to the FETP/Ministry of Health of Brazil is to supervise trainees as well as provide guidance and technical support for the coordination of the FETP. She has supported the Brazilian Ministry of Health in a project to strengthen epidemiological surveillance in Haiti (2010-2011). She also served as a member of the National Commission for the Verification of the Elimination of the Circulation of Native Viruses of Measles and Rubella in Brazil (2010-2018).

As a member of the AWG representing the Americas region since 2017, her primary role is to provide technical support and leadership for TEPHINET’s FETP accreditation process. She previously served as an independent consultant to TEPHINET from June-November 2009 for the implementation of REDSUR along with the CDC and TEPHINET focal point and participated in FETP evaluation in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

As a WHO technical consultant with PAHO/WHO in Haiti, she worked on strengthening surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases (2012-2013). She participated as a WHO external evaluator for the PAI of Angola (2014) and to PAHO/WHO in Haiti after the introduction of the pentavalent and rotavirus vaccines (2015) and supported the introduction of 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine (2018).

She was a public servant of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (1982-2009) and has worked as the director of FETP Brazil (2003-2009), epidemiologist for hantavirus and rickettsiosis surveillance (2000-2002), and manager of the National Surveillance of Measles and Rubella and Congenital Rubella (1993-2000).

She has also worked as a nurse in the emergency department of a military hospital in Brasilia (1995-1998), as a clinical nurse (1982-1985), and as head of nursing services (1986-1991) in a gynecological hospital in Rio de Janeiro.