2018 TEPHINET Program Directors Meeting

TEPHINET Program Directors meetings provide the leadership of national TEPHINET-member field epidemiology (and laboratory) training programs (FE[L]TPs), as well as regional FE(L)TP networks and other TEPHINET partners, with opportunities to convene and discuss 1) progress achieved in alignment with the TEPHINET vision and 2) the role of the TEPHINET Secretariat in continuing to support this collaboration. The Program Directors meeting also presents participants with a forum to review the implementation of key network-wide initiatives such as the accreditation of member FE(L)TPs, regional and global scientific conferences, and other activities.

Other topics of discussion include:

  • the implementation of TEPHINET’s strategic objectives and priority activities,
  • the identification of opportunities for member FE(L)TPs to collaborate on different projects, and
  • strategies to ensure the sustainability of FE(L)TPs and the global network.

The TEPHINET Program Directors meeting is a unique occasion for the leadership of FE(L)TPs to network with experts from TEPHINET, CDC, ECDC, WHO, and other institutions playing an active role in determining how we can collaboratively sustain the programs, the network, and the implementation of new activities at the global and regional levels.

As the representative organization for the global network of FE(L)TPs, the TEPHINET Secretariat holds these meetings every two to three years, funds allowing.

The 2018 TEPHINET Program Directors Meeting will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) from July 16-19. The link to the event website will be posted here when it becomes available.