Become an Exhibitor

TEPHINET provides exhibitor space at our conferences. Details on space type and availability vary by conference. Contact us if your organization is interested in securing space for an exhibition booth or information stand.

Why Exhibit at a TEPHINET Conference?

As an exhibitor, your organization can increase its brand visibility among a global audience of epidemiologists, physicians, nurses, veterinarians, and other public health professionals. Our events draw the participation of officials from country ministries of health and related areas such as agriculture, national defense, and social services. 

Events are about starting quality relationships, and TEPHINET conferences are no different. As a network, TEPHINET strives to make our conferences spaces that are as much about quality interaction as they are about information, because we know that bringing together professionals from different backgrounds often leads to groundbreaking solutions. A TEPHINET conference might just be the place your organization finds its next great partnership.