The Global FETP Enterprise: Applied Epidemiology in the 21st Century (10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference)


This is an especially exciting time to be working in applied epidemiology capacity development, as FETPs are increasingly being recognized as essential to important global initiatives by the World Health Organization. For example, the work of FETPs is clearly complementary to WHO’s Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health. To promote global health security and assure rapid response capacity for epidemic control, field epidemiologists are expanding their skills sets and developing strong collaborations with partners like GOARN. And there is a clear increase in commitment across the world to the One Health paradigm, leading to improved cross-sectoral coordination and collaboration among epidemiologists, veterinarians, and environmentalists.

The 10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference (with the theme, "The Global FETP Enterprise: Applied Epidemiology in the 21st Century") is a can’t-miss event that will give attendees an opportunity to engage with key players at the forefront of these various efforts, as we work together to shape our way forward.

Join us and learn about what’s new and innovative in field epidemiology, health surveillance and rapid response. Observe how health service delivery in the local context strengthens health security worldwide. Enhance your knowledge, and network with people from all over the world. 

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Online registraton is open through October 18, 2019. Register on the conference website.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

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