World Field Epidemiology Day 2023


Mark Your Calendars!

On September 7, 2023, we will celebrate the first World Field Epidemiology Day. We are counting on you to make it a success!

#WorldFieldEpidemiologyDay is a global movement to recognize and raise awareness of the vital role of field epidemiologists in protecting the health of populations, thus advancing global health security, and to advocate for increased investment in field epidemiology training, research, and professionals.

The theme this year is Increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Field Epidemiology.

We invite you to join World Field Epidemiology Day through action, communication, and advocacy. Share your work and stories online, organize an event, and call on leaders to act. Together, we can make a strong case for increased support and investment in field epidemiology for the health and security of the world. 

Why September 7? On this date in 1854, John Snow took his findings from his now-famous investigation of the Broad Street cholera outbreak to local officials, leading them to take action and remove the handle of the offending water pump.

How you can participate: 

  • Sign on as a partner to have your organization’s name and/or logo featured on the World Field Epidemiology Day website (organizational approval required).
  • Spread the word about the event and the work of field epidemiologists around the globe. Access campaign materials here
  • Attend TEPHINET's event or an event being hosted by one of our official partners. Find events here.
  • Take action on September 7, 2023. This could include creating and sharing content about the impact of field epidemiologists or hosting your own special event, including workshops, webinars, launches and more. (Don't forget to register your event here!)


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