Factors affecting Malaria in Malaria Outbreak in Pandeglang, Indonesia, 2009


Background: An outbreak of malaria was suspected upon an increase of health visits to a village midwife in November 2009 in Pandeglang District in Indonesia. Clinical symptoms were aligned with malaria disease even though cases had not been detected since 2006. An investigation was conducted to confirm the outbreak, determine its extent and to determine the risk factors for infection. Methods: Laboratory testing was used to confirm the diagnosis and determine the extent of the outbreak. Specimens were collected from 25 clinical suspected cases and a survey was conducted amongst 1,102 people in the community. To assess risk factors, a case control study was undertaken with 110 laboratory-positive cases and 110 controls using a questionnaire. Results: From the 25 clinically suspicious cases tested, 9 were found to be positive for Plasmodium. From the community survey conducted, 195 slides were positive with Plasmodium sp, with most positive slides is Plasmodium falciparum (84.62%). Five species of Anopheles wer