FETP-Frontline Version 2.0 CDC Model Curriculum

Header photo credit: Cynthia Segovia, FETP-Frontline Paraguay


The Workforce and Institute Development Branch (WIDB) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released the FETP-Frontline version 2.0 CDC Model Curriculum. This curriculum includes the complete set of planning materials, PowerPoint presentations, instructor and participant guides, field guides, student assessment tools, and evaluation instruments for conducting the three-month FETP-Frontline program.

Version 2.0 includes edited and updated lessons and assessment tools, new lessons on SWOT Analysis and Communicating Surveillance Information, a new outbreak investigation case study, expanded field guides, many new global examples, and a cleaner and more consistent look for presentations and documents. 

FETP Level



October 2020



Target Audience

Instructors from Frontline-level Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) are the primary target audience for this curriculum.

Modification Permission

The curriculum can be adapted and modified to tailor to the need of each FETP and its context.


Over 100 files, including promotional materials, planning guides, and lesson materials for instructors and participants, are available in the TEPHINET Library to all members (see links below). Those with instructor status also have access to quizzes and case study instructor guides. Note: You must have instructor status on the website to download the" limited access files". Please email learning [at] tephinet [dot] org to request instructor status.

Link to Open and Limited Access Files 

The files are organized by the following categories:

Open Access (six ZIP files):

  1. Promotion & Planning
  2. Workshop 1 (Planning & Evaluation Tools, PowerPoint, Instructor Guide, Participant Materials)
  3. Field Interval 1
  4. Workshop 2 (Planning & Evaluation Tools, PowerPoint, Instructor Guide, Participant Materials)
  5. Field Interval 2
  6. Workshop 3 
Report Errors

If you detect an error in the curriculum, please inform the developers at AskWIDB [at] cdc [dot] gov.  

Language Adaptation

If your FETP is planning to translate the materials to another language, please keep TEPHINET informed at learning [at] tephinet [dot] org. Help us reduce duplication of efforts and increase collaboration and sharing of materials with the FETP community.