Final Reminder: TEPHINET Will Accept Letters of Intent and Certifications of Eligibility through March 30 from FETPs Intending to Apply for Accreditation

As a final reminder, TEPHINET is accepting Letters of Intent and Certifications of Eligibility through March 30, 2018 from field epidemiology training programs (FETPs) intending to apply for the third cycle of TEPHINET FETP accreditation.

The basic accreditation eligibility requirements for programs are as follows:

  • Program duration: The program is equal to or greater than 21 months.
  • Evidence of completed cohorts: At least two cohorts of residents have completed the program within the past five years. 
  • Predominance of field work: The majority of the residents’ time (68 weeks) is spent in field work.

Programs interested in applying for this cycle should have already completed the Accreditation Readiness Assessment. After completing the Accreditation Readiness Assessment, programs that believe they are eligible to apply should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) and Certification of Eligibility (COE).

Visit for:

  • An interactive brochure about accreditation
  • Documents and instructions 

Please note:

  • All forms have been updated for this cycle.
  • We will not accept LOI or COE submissions that use the forms from previous cycles.
  • Please visit for all documents and instructions.

If you have any questions, please email accreditation [at] tephinet [dot] org.