Global Health Photography Ethics for Field Epidemiology Training Programs

Header photo copyright Dr. Aubrey P. Graham

About this Course

Each year, TEPHINET receives hundreds of photographs taken by FETP trainees and graduates depicting their work in action. Photography provides a compelling medium through which to illustrate field epidemiology and its impact on public health across communities worldwide. As field epidemiologists routinely work and often photograph subjects in ethically sensitive situations (for example, in taking photographs of children, of patients with medical conditions, or of subjects within healthcare facilities), TEPHINET identified the need to provide information on ethical considerations in global health photography targeting the FETP community. Through a series of six videos, this course will cover topics including photo composition, consent, power dynamics, editing, and caption-writing. PowerPoint slides for each module are available for download for future reference.

About the Instructor

From 2017 to 2019, Dr. Aubrey P. Graham taught in the Institute for the Liberal Arts at Emory University as the Postdoctoral Interdisciplinary Teaching Fellow. Aubrey has a background as a photojournalist and communications photographer and holds a PhD in Anthropology from Emory University with master’s degrees from Emory (Anthropology) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (Social Anthropology of Development). Since 2009, her research has employed photography as both method and theory as she explores the politics, imagination, ethics, and implications of humanitarianism in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. While professionally training horses in McDonough, Georgia, USA, Aubrey continues her visual practice within her research and consulting for humanitarian and development agencies.

Course Modules (click to access)

Module 1: Ethics, Images, and TEPHINET (12 minutes 48 seconds)
Module 2: Composition for Compelling, Ethical Images (22 minutes 38 seconds)
Module 3: The Ethics of Photographic Consent (15 minutes 41 seconds)
Module 4: Ethics, Images, and Power Dynamics (14 minutes)
Module 5: Ethical Editing (14 minutes 55 seconds)
Module 6: Ethics of Image Captions (15 minutes 36 seconds)