In Photos: African FETPs Help Achieve Wild Polio-Free Milestone

Today, after four years without a single case of wild poliovirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region was officially declared wild polio-free.

This milestone was made possible by the tireless commitment of frontline health workers, including countless Field Epidemiology (and Laboratory) Training Program residents, graduates, and mentors, to reaching every last child with the polio vaccine so that none will endure the pain of this debilitating disease.

We pay tribute to our FE(L)TP colleagues through a special photo gallery* highlighting their efforts to vaccinate every child, no matter how far they must travel or how risky the journey may be.

These efforts must continue in order to prevent wild polio from returning. FE(L)TPs are helping to ensure that they do continue by building the workforce, surveillance, and laboratory diagnostics capacities needed to keep polio away for good.

*All photos in this gallery were submitted by FE(L)TP residents and graduates for past TEPHINET photo contests.

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