Assessment of Road Safety measures practice among motor vehicle Users in Unguja- Zanzibar January 2022.

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Road traffic accidents are the major causes of morbidity and mortality in high and low-income countries including Tanzania. To counter this epidemic, several road safety measures have been suggested for road users. This survey aimed at assessing the practice of road safety measures among motor vehicle users during the daytime in Zanzibar.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in 3 Municipals of Urban West and 2 districts (North B and Central) in Unguja Island. This study involved users of motor vehicles and motorcycles to obtain data on helmet use, buckling of seat belts, cell phone use while driving, observing zebra signs and running red lights through a standardized checklist. Data were analyzed by EPI Info version Proportions, chi-square and p-values were used to describe the relation of the different variables of interest. Permission from Zanzibar authorities was obtained.

A total of 2208 motor cars and 2722 motorcycles were observed. Most of the drivers were male 97.5%. Private vehicles account for the majority of motor vehicles used 69.3%. Non-overload in public transport and motorcycle were the most obeyed safety measure by 98.7% and 92.1% respectively. Helmet wearing, Seatbelt buckling and not stopping at zebra crossing was found to be the most disobeyed safety measure with the practice of only 47.3%, 32.1% and 47.4% respectively. Not using a phone while driving and not running a red light were fairly observed by 94.3% and 96.8% respectively.

Despite road traffic enforcements put by the government of Tanzania on seatbelt buckling and stopping at zebra crossings, the analysis revealed that these were the least practised. Helmet wearing by passengers was disobeyed although good results are shown by motor cycle’s male drivers without passengers. Non-overloading was the most obeyed safety measure. To guarantee that road safety regulations are followed, the government and other stakeholders should collaborate.

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