COVID-19 outbreak study in San Andrés Islands, September, 2020

  • Vaccine preventable diseases
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In Colombia, the PRASS strategy (tests, tracing, and sustainable selective isolation) was developed to control SARS-Cov2, which sought to detect and isolate cases to control the chain and speed of virus transmission.

The objective was to analyze the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of the positive cases detected in the active community search for COVID-19 in San Andrés Islands. A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out between September 04 and 29, 2020. Community Active Search (CAS) was carried out to collect the information, taking into account the criteria established for the definition of a probable case for COVID-19, in the 11 prioritized neighborhoods. Descriptive analyses of the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of the cases were carried out using Microsoft Excel, Access, and Epi-info 7.2 software.

In the CAS, 592 cases by RT-PCR and antigen were reported, of which 56.4% belonged to the female sex, the highest proportion was observed in the group of 30 and 39 years (21.6%), the highest number of cases occurred in the Natania (14.9%) and School House (8.6%) neighborhoods; 78.7% of the cases did not present comorbidities, 7.3% had diabetes and 3% had asthma; 24.3% of the cases were asymptomatic, the most frequent symptoms were cough (25.0%), fever (16.4%) and headache (14.7%). In the analysis of the distribution of comorbidities and symptoms by age group, it was shown that it was not statistically significant.

The COVID-19 outbreak was confirmed in the 11 prioritized neighborhoods on San Andrés Islands, which made it possible to characterize and isolate positive cases. In turn, recommendations were made to the municipal health secretary about control measures to contain the virus.

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