Effectiveness of the BBIBP-Corv vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and death in health professionals and technicians in Peru, February - June 2021. Comparative retrospective cohort study

  • Vaccine preventable diseases
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Vaccination against SARS-CoV2 began in February-2021 throughout Peru, to guarantee the continuity of health care during the second wave of the pandemic, health personnel were immunized. Objective:To determine and compare the effectiveness of BBIBP-Corv vaccine in professionals and technicians of the Peruvian health system.

Comparative retrospective cohort study in Peruvian health personnel (254,134 professionals/261,776 technicians) from February-June,2021. Analysis of the MOH database that included information on vaccination, laboratory, hospital admission and deaths. In each group, 2 cohorts were formed, and a follow-up was carried out for 14 weeks. Infected status was considered if a PCR/Antigenic result was reported, 14 days after the 2nd dose in the vaccinated cohort and 14 days after the start of the campaign in the non-vaccinated cohort. The calculation of effectiveness was expressed as a percentage with 95%CI.

3.27%(16,864/515,910) were confirmed with SARS-CoV2, of which 8,028 were professionals (2,942 without vaccine and 5,086 vaccinated) and 8,836 were technicians(3,362 without vaccine and 5,474 vaccinated). The vaccine effectiveness(VE) to prevent infection was 26.6%, 95%CI[23.2-29.9] and 45.4%, 95%CI[43.0-47.7], respectively;513 were hospitalized, 277 professionals (182 without vaccine and 95 vaccinated) and 236 technicians(161 without vaccine and 75 vaccinated).The VE to prevent hospitalization was 76.6%, 95%CI[70.1-81.8] and 83.4%, 95%CI[78.2-87.4], respectively; 234 died with COVID-19, 148 professionals(133 without vaccine and 15 vaccinated) and 86 technicians (72 without vaccine and 14 vaccinated).The VE to prevent deaths was 95.2%, 95%CI[92.5-97.6] and 93.3%, 95%CI[88.2-96.2]. Physicians and nurses had the lowest vaccine effectiveness to prevent infection VEp=3.39%,EVn=4.86% and hospitalization VEp=73.05%,VEn=78.91%, however they had the highest to prevent deaths VEp=96.82%,VEn= 94.72%.

The effectiveness of BBIBP-Corv vaccine to prevent infection in professionals is significantly lower than that of technicians and the national average(VE=36.8%, 95%CI[34.7-38.7]). Within the group of professionals, physicians and nurses were the most affected, with the least effectiveness against infection and hospitalization.

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