Food Poisoning in Office X, Sleman District, DIY Province, Indonesia - 2018

  • Water or foodborne
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On May 9th, 2018, Public Health Center received report of suspected food-poisoning in office X after a training on May 8, 2018. We did an investigation to confirm the outbreak and identify its risk factors to provide recommendations for stakeholders as prevention.

1:1 case-control study design and questionnaire were used in case-finding. Case definition are people experienced one or more symptoms of nausea/diarrhea/vomiting/bloating with or without other symptoms such as dizziness/headache/fever after having coffee-break meals in Office X training on May 8, 2018. Control are people who did not experience symptoms of illness after eating coffee-break meals in Office X training on May 8, 2018. We calculated OR and 95% CI to determine type of food with highest risk. Environmental investigations were carried out by visiting two food-handlers and conducting laboratory test on food samples as microbiological investigations.

Out of 91 populations at risk, 46 people (51%) were ill. Cases were dominated by women (58%) and age-group of 21-30 years (70%). Most experienced symptoms were nausea (85%) and diarrhea (65%). The incubation period was 2-44 hours with average of 23 hours. Statistical tests showed that tofu meatballs are related to food poisoning (OR=8; 95% CI=0.4-3.2). The bacteria which allegedly caused the poisoning was Bacillus cereus. The food kept at room temperature for >2 hours, even though, microbiological examination did not show it because of the samples were taken from only one food-handler.

There was a case of food-poisoning in Office X on May 8, 2018 due to consuming tofu meatballs likely contaminated by Bacillus cereus. We recommended to conduct counseling on clean and healthy living behavior to risk populations in the working area. It is expected that the caterer will continue to improve the cleanliness and supervise the provision of food.

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