Independent Monitoring of the Polio Vaccination Campaign in Mozambique, March 25 - 31, 2022

Vaccine preventable diseases

In February 2022, the WHO notified occurrence of a case of wild poliovirus type1 (WPV) in the Republic of Malawi. Independent polio vaccination campaign monitoring and evaluation teams were established to evaluate the performance of the vaccination campaign in seven provinces in central and northern Mozambique.

The campaign strategy was door-to-door and took place from March 24 to 27 in children under five years of age. The Independent Monitoring (IM) took place from March 25 to March 31 and consisted of revisiting a sample of houses, 30/day, that received the vaccination teams and collecting information using an electronic questionnaire applied to the children's parents or guardians. The information collected was presented daily to the collective balance sheet, for decision making and improvement in the course of the campaign.

A total of 57,170 homes were visited, of which 115,126 children were eligible for vaccination. The province with the highest coverage was Zambezia with 99.2% and Cabo Delgado with 91.1% was the lowest coverage. Among the reasons for not vaccinating, 167 (47%) of 355 families claimed not to have had any information about the campaign, 88 (24,8%) of 355 referred to religious aspects and 50 (14,1%) of 355 for fear of the side effects of the vaccine and 50 (14,1%) of 355 claimed absence when the teams passed by.

Through independent monitoring it was possible to identify areas with unvaccinated children and the reasons for not vaccinating them, and thus it was possible to provide recommendations on a daily basis in order to improve the performance and coverage of the ongoing campaign. It is recommended that better strategies reflecting the reasons for non-vaccination be developed in order to achieve higher coverage in the next rounds.

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