Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Consultant), Caribbean Regional FELTP


The goal of the Caribbean Regional FELTP (CR-FELTP) is to develop field epidemiology skills and tools to respond to public health issues in the Caribbean through surveillance, outbreak investigation, and research and analysis through classroom learning and on-the-job training. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are essential for the success of program implementation, ongoing operations and improvement. This position will serve as an expert in monitoring and evaluation of the CR-FELTP training program. The Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist will work closely with the Head of CR-FELTP and support the CR-FELTP team in identifying key quality and management indicators; creating monitoring and evaluation processes and supporting the evaluation of Frontline FETP and Intermediate training, with a goal towards developing country sustainability plans for the CR-FELTP.


To increase Regional Health Security by building the capacity of the Caribbean Public Health Workforce in applied epidemiology and laboratory practice.

The overall goal of this consultancy is to adapt the current M&E FETP Frontline framework for use in evaluating the CR-FELTP Intermediate and Advanced programs to ensure that the program remains accountable, and the program outcomes are achievable, measurable and sustainable.


  1. To adapt the Frontline FETP M&E framework and evaluation tools for use in evaluating the CR-FELTP Intermediate and Advanced programs.
  2. To develop adequate and appropriate indicators to determine progress toward the intended outcomes of the CR-FELTP program
  3. To develop a facilitation tool(s) and report template to support creation of a national training sustainability plan for the CR-FELTP

Specific Work:

The contractor is expected to deliver the following results:

Result 1: Inception Report, including a detailed Workplan, developed and submitted for approval by the Project Managers.

1.1 Engage in an initial briefing with the designated Project Manager and other relevant CARPHA personnel to discuss the scope of the work to be undertaken, the methodology, approach and any other issues pertaining to the Project upon the commencement of the Consultancy.

1.2 Prepare and submit for the approval of the Project Manager, an Inception Report which includes the timelines for the specific project activities and the methodology for the activities.

Result 2: Adapted Frontline FETP monitoring and evaluation framework for use in evaluating the CR-FELTP Intermediate and Advanced training levels

2.1 Review the current version of the Frontline FETP logic model and framework and develop an M&E framework for the Intermediate and Advanced training levels. This activity will include:

  • Definition of the project indicators, data collection methods and timeline
  • Development of instruments that ensure valid and reliable data collection
  • Creation of a database to support the tracking of program indicators
  • Creation of an analysis plan and reporting template

Result 3: Create assessment tools to promote national training program sustainability exercises.

3.1 Assist the Head, CR-FELTP in developing tools and templates to create a sustainability plan for one CARPHA Member State. This will facilitate CARPHA staff interacting with key country stakeholders and utilization of the developed M&E frameworks to inform development of the draft plan.

Result 4: Production of Inception Report as outlined in the Reporting Section below

Reporting Requirements:

The Contractor will submit the following reports via email:

  • Inception Report of maximum 12 pages to be produced after two weeks from the start of implementation. In the report, the consultant shall describe initial findings, progress in collecting data, any difficulties encountered or expected in addition to the work programme. More specifically, the Report will include a detailed workplan with the timelines for the specific project activities and the methodology for the activities. The contractor should proceed with his/her work unless the Contracting Authority sends comments on the inception report.


August 10-September 30, 2022

Organizational Background - Expertise and Experience

The consulting individual or agency should have experience with the development and application of monitoring and evaluation frameworks as relates to adult education and training.

  • Academic Qualifications:    
    • Masters Level degree (or higher) in a relevant field such as public health or epidemiology
  • Experience:              
    • Minimum of 5 years in monitoring and evaluation
    • Strong experience working with regional and international organizations
    • Prior experience in Public Health and Field Epidemiology Training in the Caribbean Region would be an asset.
  • Competencies and special skill requirements:
    • Strong writing, reporting and communication skills
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Effective planning and organizing skills
    • Ability to execute successfully with tight deadlines
    • Proficient in English, spoken and written.

Application Process:

  • When to apply: Applications will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.
  • Required documents for submission:
    • Background/qualifications (CV, organizational profile, etc.)
    • Cover letter summarizing expertise and relevance to the proposed scope of work
  • How to apply: Please submit required documents and/or any questions you may have to Molly Tutt, Project Manager, at mtutt [at] taskforce [dot] org.