New e-Learning Case Study Available Now: "Anthrax in the Mountains of Uganda"

Would you like to:

  • Learn more about the principles and practices of One Health?
  • Learn more about collaborative One Health response to an outbreak?
  • Describe the signs and symptoms, transmission, and control of anthrax in humans and animals?

If so, then check out Anthrax in the Mountains of Uganda, a new e-learning case study available in the TEPHINET Learning Center.

This self-guided case study is most appropriate for FETP participants including FETP-Intermediate trainees and graduates and FETP-Advanced fellows. However, others may benefit from completing this e-learning.

The case study is based on investigations undertaken in 2018 by the Uganda Public Health Fellowship Program. However, it is not a fully factual account of these investigations. Facts and events have been altered to support the learning objectives.

Click here to access the case study.

For more information, please contact TEPHINET Learning at learning [at] tephinet [dot] org.