Celebrating 25 Years

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#TEPHINETat25: Join Us in Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Our Network! 

TEPHINET was founded in 1997 with support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Merieux Foundation. (Read more about our history.) Today, our network consists of 75 Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) working across more than 100 countries to strengthen health systems. Through their unique, learning-by-doing model, FETPs build the public health workforce needed to detect and respond to outbreaks and other public health threats, including natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

This year, we will be highlighting our network's accomplishments and impact on public health over the past 25 years through the perspectives of our members, partners, and other stakeholders.

We will be updating this page with content, including stories, photos, and videos, throughout 2022.

Call for Photos and Videos: TEPHINET 25th Anniversary Celebration during the 11th Global Scientific Conference

During the upcoming 11th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference in Panama City, Panama, we will be hosting an official celebration of #TEPHINETat25, complete with presentations from member programs, photos and videos from Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) and TEPHINET partners, and of course, cake! 

We invite you to help us celebrate 25 years of global field epidemiology capacity building by sharing videos and photos of what it means to be part of TEPHINET. 

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Monthly Memories


January: Dr. Carl Reddy

As we celebrate #TEPHINETat25, we would like to share the countless memorable moments, events, friendships, and accomplishments that have occurred across our network over the years. Our director, Dr. Carl Reddy, shares his unforgettable memories of TEPHINET global conferences and being part of the FETP family.

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February: Dora Ramirez

Paraguay FETP graduate Dora Ramirez shares her fondest memories of TEPHINET.

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March: Vikki De Los Reyes

Vikki de los Reyes, a graduate of the Philippines FETP, shares her experiences as an FETP trainee presenting her work (and dancing!) at TEPHINET conferences.

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April: Mahamadou Dao

Mahamadou Dao, a Project Coordinator with TEPHINET, reflects on what has made working at TEPHINET a gratifying experience for him over the last six years.

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May: Augusto Lopez

Augusto Lopez, a medical officer at the CDC and a longtime partner of TEPHINET, shared the following photo and memory with us:

Dionisio Herrera, the former Director of TEPHINET; Mariana Mansur, a TEPHINET Project Manager; and I during a break in our activities in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2016. This was during the implementation of FETP Frontline in response to the Zika epidemic. I have very fond memories of how we were able to have a very solid team implementing and supporting the FETP in South America. Great colleagues and wonderful friends.

June: Elizabeth David dos Santos

Elizabeth David dos Santos, a graduate of the Brazil FETP (EpiSUS) and a member of the TEPHINET Accreditation Working Group, shared the following photo and memory with us:

The group Ilê Aiyê was invited to animate the opening ceremony [of the Fourth TEPHINET Global Conference, November 12 to 17]. Ilê Aiyê, or Ilê, is the first Brazilian-Afro carnival group and has established itself as one of the cultural expressions of Carnival in Salvador, Bahia (Northeast of the country). When the group started playing their songs, practically all the participants got up and danced. This was amazing!


July: Amrish Badjoe

Amrish Badjoe, a graduate of the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET) and long-time partner of TEPHINET, shares what it has meant to be a TEPHINET partner and collaborator, touching on the memorable moments he has experienced over the years.

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August: Stephanie Wheeler

Stephanie Wheeler from Field Epidemiology in Action delivers a special message to TEPHINET on the occasion of our 25th anniversary.

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October: Patrick O'Carroll

Task Force for Global Health CEO and former acting director of TEPHINET, Patrick O'Carroll, reflects on the impactful conversations he has shared with colleagues and partners, sharing the origins of the Global Field Epidemiology Roadmap.

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