Announcing Accepted Abstracts for the 10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference

Tina Rezvani, Communications Manager

TEPHINET is pleased to announce the scientific abstract selections made for presentation at the 10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference being held from October 28 through November 1, 2019, at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Center. 

NOTE: You may download the lists of accepted abstracts from the bottom of this page.

Fellows and recent graduates of Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) around the world had the opportunity to submit, through their programs, abstracts for consideration for oral or poster presentation. For the first time, non-recent graduates also had the opportunity to submit abstracts to a special alumni presentation session.

Specifically, FETP fellows and graduates could submit an abstract to one of three different session types:

  1. General Presentation Sessions: These sessions will feature oral and poster presentations by intermediate- and advanced-level FETP fellows and recent graduates.
  2. Special FETP Frontline Presentation Sessions: These sessions will feature oral and poster presentatons by Frontline-level FETP fellows and recent graduates.
  3. Special Alumni Presentation Session: This session, sponsored by TEPHIConnect (TEPHINET's FETP alumni network), features six oral presentations by FETP graduates who graduated more than two years ago and therefore are not considered "recent" graduates.

In total, TEPHINET has accepted 213 scientific abstracts for presentation from 57 programs across all session types. The numbers of abstracts accepted per presentation format and session type are as follows:

General Presentation Sessions:

  • 98 abstracts selected for poster presentation
  • 96 abstracts selected for oral presentation

Special FETP Frontline Presentation Sessions:

  • 6 abstracts selected for poster presentation
  • 6 abstracts selected for oral presentation

Special Alumni Presentation Session:

  • 6 abstracts selected for oral presentation

Breakdown by FETP

FETP Number of Accepted Abstracts
Afghanistan 1
Angola 4
Argentina 1
Australia 3
Bangladesh 1
Belize 1
Brazil 3
Burkina Faso (regional program) 2 (1 Burkina Faso, 1 Senegal)
Cameroon 8
Canada 2
China 16
Colombia 1
Dominican Republic 2
Egypt 4
Ethiopia 9
Gambia, the 1
Georgia (South Caucasus regional program) 3
Ghana 8
Guinea 2
Haiti 1
Hong Kong, China 1
India 8
Indonesia 4
Iraq 1
Japan 1
Jordan 3
Kazakhstan (Central Asia regional program)
Kenya 9
Liberia 1
Malaysia 2
Malta 1
Morocco 7
Mozambique 1
Namibia 4
Nigeria 14
Pakistan 4
Papua New Guinea 1
Peru 1
Philippines, the 6
Rwanda 2
Saudi Arabia 3
Sierra Leone 2
Singapore 2
South Africa 3
Taiwan 1
Tanzania 10
Thailand 2
Togo 1
Tunisia 2
Turkey 2
Uganda 15
United Kingdom, the 1
United States, the 10
Vietnam 1
Yemen 2
Zambia 3
Zimbabwe 5


Join Us at the Conference

Attend the conference to connect with the authors presenting this work. Online registration is open through October 11, 2019. Interested participants may register at the conference website.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at