Announcing the Results of TEPHINET's First Re-accreditation Review

TEPHINET Secretariat

We are pleased to announce that the TEPHINET Global Accrediting Body has reaccredited the UK Field Epidemiolgy Training Program (FETP) and the Canada Field Epidemiology Program (FEP). Both programs received initial TEPHINET accreditation in 2016, and are now the first two programs to achieve re-accreditation. Furthermore, they have been re-accredited with Distinction, meaning that they have met the required number of standards at both the minimum and elevated levels. 

Canada FEP has also been Re-accredited with Merit for its achievements in Emergency Response, and the UK FETP has been Re-accredited with Merit for its achievements in Providing Evidence for Decision Making. 

TEPHINET Accreditation is an opportunity for FETPs to align with common standards that support quality training and increased recognition of their value in supporting country public health priorities. Throughout the accreditation process, FETPs are assessed against a set of minimum standards and indicators grouped into five domains: Management, Infrastructure and Operations; Integration with Public Health Service; Staffing and Supervision; Selection and Training of Residents; Continuous Quality Improvement. Accreditation status is good for five years, at which time programs are required to apply for re-accreditation. 

In 2021, the Accreditation Working Group (AWG) designed, and TEPHINET piloted, a re-accreditation process during which highly experienced reviewers assess an FETP against elevated standards. FETPs are also assesed according to their provision of essential public health services for the benefit of their host country. Programs can achieve Re-accreditation with Distinction and/or Merit by demonstrating their adherence to these elevated standards and key public health service elements. This approach aligns with the TEPHINET Accreditation Program’s overall objective to promote increased quality of FETP training and public health services.

Re-accreditation with Distinction and Merit is an extraordinary achievement, and we congratulate both the UK FETP and Canada FEP on achieving this milestone. These programs serve as an excellent example of committment to program longevity, quality and excellence.