APCOVE Networking & Future Directions - Workshop Communique

April 2023, Bangkok, Thailand


APCOVE is a consortium of more than 40 veterinary epidemiologists, established to strengthen field veterinary epidemiology capacity in the Asia Pacific region. The APCOVE Networking meeting was held 26-28 April 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, to explore the diversity of field epidemiology training (FET) programs in South-East Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on addressing common interests and country-specific needs. 

The workshop successfully generated three high-level priorities that are recommendations for action to commence immediately and extend over three years. Workshop participants produced a Communique detailing these three priorities: 

  1. Advocate and influence donors, funders, industry and governments, using evidence of impact, to achieve sustainable, accredited field epidemiology training programs.
  2. Develop and implement a roadmap to coordinate existing networks and platforms for equitable field epidemiology training programs within countries and across the Asia-Pacific region, noting there is a global roadmap for FETP.
  3. Establish high-quality joint training that prioritize agreed common areas and areas in which sectors (animal health, public health, environment, wildlife) need to learn from each other, and have clear accreditation pathways and promote lifelong learning.

In sharing the Communique, APCOVE encourages partners to consider these recommendations and to take action along with their organisations, as appropriate, to strengthen and extend FET in the Asia-Pacific region.  Further, APCOVE invites collaboration in promoting the recommendations. Explore more at APCOVE

Stay tuned for APCOVE e-learning modules (English & translated versions) that will be provided later this year, with public access for up to 12 months while consultations regarding longer term hosting of the modules will continue.