Call for Interactive Learning Session (ILS) Concept Notes for the 11th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference

TEPHINET Secretariat

The TEPHINET Advisory Scientific Committee (TASC) is accepting concept notes for Interactive Learning Sessions (ILS) to be presented at the 11th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference. The conference will take place in person from September 4-9, 2022 in Panama City, Panama. The conference theme is Improving Pandemic Preparedness, Response, and Equity through Field Epidemiology Training. The conference’s official language is English.

What is an Interactive Learning Session (ILS)?

An interactive learning session (ILS) is similar to a workshop. The session is facilitated, has clear learning objectives, and is focused on providing opportunities for learners to engage with the material.

What kinds of ILSs is the TASC looking for?

While all ILS submissions will be considered, particular interest will be shown in the following topics:

  • Risk communication and community engagement;
  • Evaluation and implementation science,
  • Health equity;
  • Resilience in the epidemiology workforce;
  • Emergency preparedness and response;
  • Planetary health, climate change, and One Health;
  • Building regional FETP-to-FETP collaboration networks based on language and region;
  • (Human and animal) mass gathering events during pandemics;
  • Joint external evaluations of international health regulations;
  • Social science applied to field investigations;
  • Scientific writing and communication;
  • Case study development;
  • Resource mobilization (within country and other funders) by FETPs;
  • Including field epidemiologists in national workforce strategy planning; or
  • Grant proposal writing.

ILSs should be clearly relevant to the conference theme and to our conference participants throughout the entire globe. All content should be tailored to an international audience.

What format will these ILSs take?

Interactive Learning Sessions will be offered in person on the first day of the conference (Sunday, September 4) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). ILSs may be one uninterrupted session of 4 hours or an 8-hour session with a morning and afternoon break, as well as a 1-hour lunch break in the middle. Proposed ILS must meet the specified quality standards described here and in the concept note submission form.

How can ILS facilitators apply?

Please submit a concept note (in English) at this link before the deadline. If you require assistance completing the concept note, please contact Valerie Young at

Important Dates

  • Concept note submission deadline: April 29, 2022
  • Decision notification date: May 24, 2022
Review Process

The TASC will review and score the ILS proposals and provide them to the Planning Committee. The Planning Committee will select the final ILSs for presentation at the conference. The Planning Committee will weigh several factors, including overall quality, relevance, conference suitability, and capacity.

Hosting Costs

Hosting costs include meeting room, audio/visual, microphones, morning/afternoon breaks, and lunch for attendees.

  • Half day: $4000 USD (includes the cost of registration for 1 facilitator)
  • Full day: $8000 USD (includes the cost of registration for 2 facilitators)

Note: The Planning Committee will assess hosting costs of 2-day ILS proposals as needed.

Certificates of Participation

ILS facilitators are responsible for providing workshop attendees with certificates of participation. TEPHINET cannot provide certificates for ILS.

ILS Evaluation Survey

TEPHINET will distribute ILS evaluation surveys digitally to attendees with general questions pertaining to the session. TEPHINET will share these questions with ILS facilitators beforehand. If you would like to add questions specific to your ILS, provide them by June 15, 2022 to Amber Ellithorpe, TEPHINET Events Manager, at


The conference’s official language is English. TEPHINET does not provide translation services. ILS facilitators should provide their own translation services if needed.

Registrant Reports

TEPHINET will provide facilitators with access to registrant reports prior to the ILS start date. Reports will include registrants’ names, email addresses, organizations, and countries.


For questions about event logistics, please contact Amber Ellithorpe, TEPHINET Events Manager, at For questions about completing a concept note, please contact Valerie Young, TEPHINET Project Coordinator, Conferences, at