New Virtual Attendance Option Available for the 11th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference

TEPHINET Secretariat

TEPHINET is now offering a new virtual attendance option for the 11th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference in addition to the standard in-person attendance option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the virtual option include?

The virtual option includes online access to watch the keynote, plenary, and oral and poster presentation sessions. 

It does not include access to any of the Interactive Learning Sessions, field site visits, evening events (the Welcome Dinner and International Night), or side meetings. 

Does this mean I can present my abstract virtually?

Yes. Oral and poster presenters with accepted abstracts who cannot travel to attend the conference in-person to present their abstracts, due to visa-related issues, will be able to present virtually. Their presentations will be judged and considered for awards just as the in-person presentations will be. TEPHINET will provide updated presentation guidelines to abstract authors in light of this change.

What does the virtual option cost?

Registration for the virtual option will cost $200 (USD). You will be required to pay the fee by credit card or bank transfer. If you choose bank transfer, you will need to send a copy of the bank transfer confirmation to Amber Ellithorpe, TEPHINET Events Manager at If we do not receive payment by Monday, August 29, 2022, your registration will be denied and you will not have access to the sessions. 

This cost will be waived for oral and poster presenters with visa-related issues who are attending and presenting virtually. Oral and poster presenters will receive a passcode to enter on the conference website to waive this fee.

Why isn’t the virtual option free for everyone?

TEPHINET needs to cover the cost of the increased equipment and labor needed to make the virtual option possible.

I’ve already registered for the conference, but I want/need to switch to the virtual option. Is this possible?

Yes. You will need to contact the Events team at to have your registration type changed. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours indicating the change. If you have already paid the in-person conference fee, you will see a refund with the adjusted amount for the virtual attendee fee. The registration deadline for the virtual option is the same as for standard registration: August 21.

I’ve already registered for the conference and I still plan to attend in-person. Do I need to do anything?


I would still like to try and attend the conference in person, but my country does not have a Panamanian embassy or consulate, or the embassy or consular services are not issuing visas, and I am finding it difficult to obtain a visa. What can I do?

First, let us know that you would like to try to obtain a visa by completing this form. Only complete this form if you are located in a country requiring a visa and you have not been able to acquire one. We will share your information with our contacts in Panama’s National Migration Service. The countries that require a visa are listed in the drop down list in the form. If your country is not listed you are okay to travel without a visa to Panama.

Next, according to our contacts in Panama’s National Migration Service, travelers without access to consular services from their points of departure can opt for the processing of their visas from Panama City through a private attorney. Those interested in attending the event should contact a private attorney in Panama to carry out the corresponding procedure for their tourist visa applications. (Note: Usually, applicants must send an apostille power of attorney to the attorney domiciled in Panama; however, this requirement has been waived for visas for this event. The applicant must inform his/her lawyer that he/she has been exempted from the apostille requirement. This information will be validated against the list that TEPHINET provides to Panama’s National Migration Service.)

If we receive new information about obtaining visas to Panama, we will update you.

How do I register for and/or learn more about the conference?

Please visit to register and learn more about this event.