Participate in an Epidemiology Emergency Response Survey

Tina Rezvani, Communications Manager

Enhancing the effectiveness of epidemiology response during emergencies

Do you feel prepared to respond to an emergency? Let us know.

TEPHINET is partnering with the Australian National University and lead investigator Amy Parry to conduct a research study on the role of epidemiologists in emergency response.

We need your help to improve epidemiology performance during emergencies. Complete this short survey so we can identify the skills and knowledge epidemiologists need, the issues they face, and clarify the role they play during emergency response.

Survey link:

The survey will close on January 31, 2020 and is available in English and French.

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This study has been approved by the Australian National University Human Research Ethics Committee: protocol 2019-068.


If you have any questions, please contact Amy Parry at

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