TEPHINET Delivers Statement at the 75th World Health Assembly

TEPHINET Secretariat

Dr. Carl Reddy's video statement plays during the 75th World Health Assembly.


The 75th World Health Assembly (WHA) is happening this week in Geneva. As the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO), the WHA sees participation from all WHO Member States.

As a delegate of The Task Force for Global Health, a WHO non-State actor, Dr. Carl Reddy delivered a video statement during the WHA Fifth Committee A session on Wednesday, May 25, in relation to agenda item 16.0: Public Health Emergencies: Preparedness and Response.

To watch the statement, visit this page and select the Committee A tab in the sidebar listing. Select the recording for the Fifth Committee_A session. Dr. Reddy's statement begins at 1:02:55.

Read the statement below.

The Task Force for Global Health commends Member States and the WHO Secretariat for the tremendous progress made this year. We recommend four major areas of focus moving forward:

1. Building national and global public health capacity for essential public health functions including field epidemiology training, laboratory and diagnostic expertise, health information systems, immunization infrastructure (including for influenza), and vaccine education.   

2. Sustaining capacity through regular assessment, accountability and action plans and the integration of investments into overall national public health and health systems. Fully financing such capacity.

3. Requiring rapid information-sharing, evidence-based decisions and prompt action to threats through standards for reporting and informing as well as for decision-making on commerce and borders.

4. Ensuring equity: access to vaccines, diagnostics, countermeasures, PPE, etc. through regional planning, manufacturing and distribution capacity and global networks and knowledge-sharing.

Thank you.