TEPHINET Secretariat Defining a New Learning Strategy to Support the Global FETP Community

As part of its 2017-2020 strategic plan, the TEPHINET Secretariat aims to support continuous learning within the global FETP community.

To this end, in collaboration with its member programs, regional FETP networks, and other partners, TEPHINET is working to create and implement a new continuous learning strategy which defines learning objectives, course components, target audiences, learning management systems, and training needs.

On April 26 and 27, the TEPHINET Secretariat hosted a working group meeting of partners to obtain input needed for the development of this strategy, which TEPHINET is now in the process of drafting. In partnership with the Public Health Informatics Institute, TEPHINET is also defining functional requirements for a new learning management system for hosting e-learning modules online.

TEPHINET will share more information about this initiative as it develops. Please contact Claire Jennings at cjennings@tephinet.org with questions.