TEPHINET’s accreditation program provides an opportunity for FETPs to align with common worldwide standards that support quality training and increased recognition of their value in supporting country public health priorities.

The third cycle of FETP accreditation is currently in progress. TEPHINET has received accreditation applications from eight programs and is in the process of selecting reviewers to conduct site visits of these programs between July and September of this year. TEPHINET is engaging both returning and brand-new reviewers for this cycle and maintains a database of interested potential reviewers from which to draw for future cycles. The fourth cycle of FETP accreditation is expected to open in January 2019.

On May 15, TEPHINET conducted an accreditation training workshop at the 10th TEPHINET Regional Scientific Conference of the Americas. Such workshops educate FETP leadership about accreditation’s purpose and value, standards and indicators, and process for applying. TEPHINET will hold its next two accreditation workshops this November at the regional FETP conferences in Laos and Mozambique.

For more information, visit tephinet.org/accreditation.