Now Accepting Photo Contest Submissions for the 10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference

Memorable photographs heighten the visual impact of the information that public health professionals strive to communicate. With just one click, the photographer captures a fleeting emotion or unique moment with the power to convey a distinct and compelling message.

Photographs serve as valuable evidence of FETP activities and can help:

  • Increase the visibility of FETPs
  • Expand research communication strategies
  • Expand partner knowledge of the work of epidemiologists
  • Stimulate the exchange of experiences among field epidemiology professionals

To this end, during its scientific conferences, TEPHINET hosts photo contests to showcase FETP activities. The next photo contest will be held during the 10th TEPHINET Global Scientific Conference.

Contest Objectives

  • To stimulate the exchange of experiences among field epidemiology professionals
  • To promote the work of TEPHINET member FETPs
  • To increase TEPHINET’s available set of photographs of field epidemiology activities
  • To visually document investigations and encourage new field epidemiologists to record their work through images
  • To strengthen research and partner communication strategies
  • To expand knowledge of the work of field epidemiologists

Eligible Participants

Current fellows (a.k.a. residents or trainees) and those who graduated after January 1, 2017 from field-based training programs in applied epidemiology, veterinary, laboratory, and public health practice.

Submission Instructions and Criteria, Evaluation of Photographs, and More Information

Please visit the submission form for complete information and instructions.


Photographs will be displayed at the conference venue for the duration of the event. Conference participants will be able to vote for their favorite photos using the event mobile app.