Other Knowledge Hubs and Sharing Platforms

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I. Knowledge Hubs

Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network (GOARN) COVID-19 Knowledge Hub

The GOARN COVID-19 Knowledge Hub offers multidisciplinary information on COVID-19 for a variety of audiences from policymakers, responders, researchers, educators, to affected communities and the general public.

Society for Health Communication

Health communication resources for COVID-19 response.

Global MediXchange for Combating COVID-19 (GMCC)

GMCC Initiatives for frontline medical teams and responders.  GMCC resources include discussions; live chats and videos; and manuals on COVID-19. Manuals are available in multiple languages (Chinese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Persian, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Thai and Serbian)

International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)

ISQua hosts regular webinars and COVID-19 resources from around the world.

NCD Alliance

NCD Alliance provides COVID-19 resources relevant to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Partnership for Healthy Cities

Partnerships for Healthy Cities COVID-19 Response Center provides practical guidance and tools to support cities in 4 technical areas: Surveillance and Epidemiology; Communications; Public Health and Social Measures; and Legal and Ethical Considerations.

The Global Health Network

The COVID-19 Research Implementation Hub provides guidance, open-access protocols, tools and resources; all aiming to support rapid research implementation in every type of healthcare setting.

Public Health Foundation

TRAIN Learning Network: Offering COVID-19 training opportunities.

Resolve to Save Lives

LINKS: Global community for cardiovascular health. Resources on COVID-19 and Sharing hub.

Prevent Epidemics:  It provides country-level information on epidemic preparedness, clearly illustrating how prepared each country is to find, stop and prevent new disease threats. The site offers a variety of COVID-19 resources including a playbook, science reviews and a resource library. 

The Epidemic Response Anthropology Platform (ERAP)

ERAP provides various resources to support a humane and effective response to epidemics. The aim is to promote evidence on the social dimensions of epidemics in different contexts and to improve the way this evidence is used in response planning.

Ryerson Social Media Lab 

The COVID19MisInfo.org Portal dashboard provides curation of trending false news coverages from validated COVID-19

II. Sharing Platforms 

TEPHIConnect: COVID-19 Group 

The COVID-19 group is a closed group for the FETP Community (including fellows, alumni, staff, expert partners) working on the COVID-19 response. It allows for discussion and Q&A (via a forum) and sharing materials and information in a secure space.

  • Go to TEPHIConnect and request permission to join the group.
The Rosseta Consortium: Coronawiki

This is a platform to systematically document observations, analysis and consequences for current COVID19 public health response and future learning.

Core Group: COVID-19 Global Pandemic Response Coordination 

CORE Group is convening members and partners to discuss their institutional positions vis a vis COVID-19 in an effort to coordinate and support the global pandemic response.