Peer Reviewer Training


This course was designed to train and calibrate TEPHINET Abstract Peer Reviewers. Materials were created specifically for TEPHINET’s abstract requirements and standards.


This abstract peer reviewer training is to teach and calibrate abstract peer reviewers for the review of abstracts for TEPHINET-supported conferences.



Time Required

Approximately 2 hours total to complete all modules. Modules do not have to be completed in one sitting.


Qualified TEPHINET Peer Reviewers or those interested in becoming TEPHINET Peer Reviewers. 


This self-guided e-learning course consists of three interactive modules designed for learners to complete at their own pace. Learners can start and stop as needed but must note where to resume the course, as the place will not be saved between sessions.  

Learners are encouraged to complete modules in order. After completing one module but prior to moving on to the next module.

Online Modules

Module 1: Overview of Peer Review
Module 2: Conference Abstract Peer Review
Module 3: TEPHINET Abstract Peer Review Practical Training:

Downloadable Version

The abstract peer reviewer training course is also accessible offline. For the offline version, please download the below zip file.

In order to open the zip file and run the course:

  • Step One: Download the zip file
  • Step Two: Once it is downloaded, right-click the zip file to extract all
  • Step Three: Open the extracted folder
  • Step Four: Start each module by clicking the files named "Launch Module" for each