Relationship of Less Consumption Fe Tablets 90 Tablets In Pregnant Women With Post-partum haemorrhage in Indonesia (Analysis of Data Riskesdas 2010)


Background: Hemorrhage remains a leading cause of maternal mortality in Indonesia is 28% (SKRT 2007). Pregnant women in Indonesia are generally the level of consumption of iron tablets are still very low, only 18% who consume Fe tablets of 90 tablets or more during pregnancy. Objective: Knowing the relationship of less consumption Fe tablets 90 tablets in pregnant women with post partum hemorrhage in Indonesia. Methods: Case control design. Sample size of 3280 samples. Comparison of cases and controls was 1: 4 (656 people post partum haemorrhage: 2624 people do not post partum hemorrhage) univariate analysis, bivariate and multivariate with logistic regression. Results: Pregnant women consume Fe tablets is less than 90 tablets during pregnancy has a risk of post partum haemorrhage 1.51 times compared with pregnant women consume Fe tablets 90 tablets or more during pregnancy (OR: 1.51; 95% CI: 1.164 to 1.961 ), after the examiner controlled pregnancy and bleeding during pregnancy. The proportion of consumption