TEPHINET 20th Anniversary Report

This report summarizes the activities and accomplishments of the TEPHINET Secretariat and network from 1997-2017.

Letter from the Advisory Board Chair and Director of TEPHINET
Who We Are
The TEPHINET Advisory Board
The TEPHINET Secretariat
What We Do
What is a Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP)?
The FETP Training Model
How We Work
Key Work Areas
The Value of FETPs and the Value of TEPHINET as a Network of FETPs
Program Member Map
TEPHINET Membership
Examples of TEPHINET's Impact
The Road to Accreditation
Connectedness that Counts: TEPHIConnect
A Little Can Go a Long Way: Mini-Grants
Program Highlights by Region
Collaboration with Regional FETP Networks: Critical Partnerships for Success
Conferences and Workshops
Donor Acknowledgements

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