TEPHINET Launches Accreditation for Intermediate FETPs

TEPHINET is excited to announce the launch of an accreditation pilot for Intermediate Field Epidemology Training Programs (FETPs)! 

This pilot is part of TEPHINET's initiative to begin offering accreditation for intermediate FETPs. As part of this effort, the Accreditation Working Group has developed a set of eligibility criteria and minimum standards and indicators for intermediate-level accreditation. 

Accreditation is an opportunity for FETPs to align with common standards that support quality training and increased recognition of their value in supporting country public health priorities. Since the launch of its first cycle of accreditation in 2016, the TEPHINET Global Accrediting Body (GAB) has accredited 18 advanced-level programs. This will be the first time that TEPHINET is offering accreditation to intermeditate FETPs. 

How to Apply

Up to three intermediate programs, representing three different regions, will be selected to participate in the pilot. In order to be considered, programs must submit a Letter of Commitment, on institutional letterhead, to TEPHINET's accreditation team at accreditationapplication [at] tephinet [dot] org.

The letter should be signed by the Program Director and the head of the public health authority/host institution, and must include the following:

  • A statement that the program has completed the Accreditation Readiness Assessment for Intermediate Programs and believes itself to be eligible and able to meet all of the standards outlined in the document.
  • A description of the program’s desire and willingness to participate in the pilot, including its ability to (if selected) host a site visit for one or two reviewers within the specified time frames.  
  • A statement that the public health authority or host institution is in support of the program’s participation in this pilot accreditation process.
  • Basic information about the program, including:
    • The year the program was established  
    • The number of individuals that have graduated from the program to date
    • The total number of completed cohorts, and the completion dates of the two most recently completed cohorts
    • The number of participants in the current cohort

*Programs that cannot meet these requirements are encouraged to wait until 2023, when TEPHINET will open another cycle for intermediate programs.

Important Dates

  • Letters of committment must be emailed to the TEPHINET Accreditation team by April 20, 2022. 
  • Selections will be made by April 30, 2022. 
  • Selected programs will be invited to complete their applications in the new online TEPHINET Accreditation Application System during the month of May.
  • Site visits must be completed between July 25 and August 26, 2022.

Important Documents

Programs interested in applying should review the 'Important Documents for Intermediate Accreditation' section of TEPHINET's Accreditation page to access documents critical to the application process.

Versions of the Accreditation Readiness Assessment and Minimum Indicators and Standards have been created for Intermeditate FETPs. Please ensure you are accessing the documents that pertain to the intermediate level, and not the documents intended for Advanced FETPs. 


If you have any questions about this process, please email accreditation [at] tephinet [dot] org.