A Cluster of Botulism Cases in Uzbekistan

Richard Dicker
Date published
Nov, 2004
Last updated
21 Jan 2020


Investigation of a cluster of botulism cases among guests who attended a social gathering at a home in Uzbekistan on December 31, 2003. Straightforward outbreak investigation case study with only 24 attendees and 8 foods, but addresses botulism as a possible bioterrorism agent.

Learning objectives:

  • Assess whether an increase in the number of apparent cases represents an outbreak
  • Optional: Describe some of the features that are consistent with an intentional or an unintentional exposure that results in an outbreak
  • Describe some of the decisions that must be made before going to the field to conduct a field investigation
  • Develop and apply a case definition in a field investigation
  • Calculate and compare exposure-specific attack rates to identify possible vehicles