A Mixed Bag in Michigan ("PBBs in Michigan")

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This case study was originally written by Clark Heath in 1981. It was revised by Tom Gomez and Richard Dicker in 1991. The current version was revised and updated by Richard Dicker in 2000 with input from Dori Reissman and the other EIS Summer Course instructors.
Date published
Jan, 2000
Last updated
31 Jan 2020


Based on the exposure of farm animals to feed contaminated with polybrominated biphenyl in 1973, and the subsequent concerns about human health.


  • Describe the role of each government agency involved in a contaminated food situation;
  • Discuss different options for studying the human health effects following an environmental exposure;
  • Calculate sample size requirements for a community survey;
  • Discuss the reasons for and limitations of a registry following an environmental exposure.