Effect of an Educational Intervention on Lifestyle Modification of Patients With Hypertension at Bishoftu General Hospital, Ethiopia, 2021

Daniel Bekele Debela, MPH, Bokona Dhaba, MPH, Gemechu Shumi, MPH, Abdulnasir Abagero, MPH, Gemechu Gudina, MPH, Yadeta Ayana, PhD, Adamu Addissie, PhD, Wakgari Deressa, PhD, Angelo Scuteri, MD, PhD

A pilot interventional quasi-experimental study without a comparison group was conducted to evaluate the effect of a 3-month educational intervention on clinical measurement changes among 50 patients with hypertension at the Bishoftu General Hospital in Oromia Region, Ethiopia. We measured blood pressure, weight, and total cholesterol at baseline and within a week of postintervention. We found significant decreases in systolic (-12.4 mm Hg; P < .001) and diastolic (-4.6 mm Hg; P < .001) blood pressure, total cholesterol (-34.8 mg/dl; P < .001), and weight (-2.6 kg; P < .001). The educational intervention was found to be effective in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease.